CLIENT/ Matamata Primary School
POSITION/ Creative & Graphic Designer

BACKGROUND/ Almost 10 years ago I had the privilege of designing the Matamata Primary School logo. This was the school I attended as a child in my home town, now known as Hobbiton.


PROJECT/ I recently was re-engaged to design a series of new logos for the existing School Houses. The long standing houses had no current identity, so establishing this was to bring a stronger sense of belonging for the students.


EXECUTION/ Apart from the existing colours there was no visual form that differentiated between the houses. The biggest hurdle was that these four NZ native trees have similar traits – the leaves are comparable, and three out of four grow berries. The strategy taken was to establish another key element to help build a separation, this was found through the native birds that have a strong connection to the particular tree. Together the elements were depicted in a simplistic playful interpretation of Maori and Kiwiana art.

The native Miro berry is a favourite of the Kereru (NZ wood pigeon). Where there is a Miro tree a Kereru is never far, this evident on the school grounds.

The Kauri is a native tree from the pine family, like most pines it grows a cone. The Kākā bird (NZ forest parrot) with it’s strong beak is one of the only birds that has the ability to crack into the Kauri pine and eat the seeds.

Rimu is a native tree with an importance to the rejuvenation of the endangered Kākāpō (NZ owl parrot). The berry of the Rimu helps bring the bird into reproduction, an essential fruit for the future of this species.

Tōtara is a native tree which produces berries. Most associate the Tui (NZ endemic passerine bird) with the nectar of the Kōwhai flower, but it is the Tōtara berry which the Tui can not resist.

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