Recently was approached to do this logo for a new business named Redfox & Wilox for a friend. A rough reference mock up was sent through, and after being briefed the decision was made to keep with the idea to create a logotype for this brand mark. I had a deep think about it for a few days drawing quick ideas in the shower on the condensation on the tiles and glass, but mostly I visualised this in my mind on how it would be. It wasn’t until late on Sunday night/Monday morning I lay on my bean bag and started drawing in one of my work books. It only took me a hand full of sketches before I had triggered an idea which the concept would derive from.

So after taking a picture on my iphone and emailing it to myself I grabbed my MacBook Pro and started redrawing it in illustrator. Combined with another font I started to shape and refine my initial sketch. Its always harder than you think to recreate a sketch because mine are usually so lazy and bad, when you start to give it some guides you realize how out and deconstructed it looks as a logo, so a lot of recomposing and reconstruction is needed at this stage. But its all about the direction, shape and idea.

The big focus for this logo was the ‘R’, ‘&’ and “W’ and how these characters would interact with each other. The challenge was to make something unique that would not only become a feature within itself, but fit in with the entire balance of the complete composition. It took a little bit of effort, as there was also the attention on the negative space and how the characters fit between each other.

The design had started to become established, and  you will see further from the initial drawing, naturally other relationships started to show themselves within the composition. With the business having two words both with equal characters its always an easy option to just line it all up under and over like a shot gun, and this was more obvious with the last two characters of each word being the same, but with my idea in mind I stayed clear of this. Having a focus of integrating the ampersand at the front of the design, meant the bottom word would shift quite significantly to the right, and the alignment of the ‘d’ with the ‘i’, and the ‘f’ with the ‘l’ would be apparent and become an important central feature. But as this happened another relationship was formed, just like that the two ‘x’s would be married forming another bridge between the two words. And it was through this final property which I felt had completed the concept and brought balance throughout, my vision had come to life and was now presenting itself in the form of a brand mark.

The next stage it went through a refinement process with fellow creative and friend Fagan Wilcox. This was the final polish, and with some attention to detail given by Fagan I reworked some of the positioning, spacing and font attributes. Development included a more exaggerated ampersand, enlarging the bowl pushing it further below the base line, which created further balance. We dropped the serifs off the ‘x’ which gave a clean line. General character uniform was given creating consistency with metrics where needed. We even looked at the form of the ‘R’, going forward then back again. The leg of the ‘R’ was shortened and the terminal of the ‘f’ and ‘c’ where shifted from the original curve to a custom circular alternative modeled off the ‘R’.

The result displays a well balanced logotype, with a unique visual and great brand recognition. A big thanks to Tara for getting in-touch with me and giving me freedom, and to Fagan for his touch of refinement.  I would say this is my favourite logotype to date, which is a satisfying feeling.

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