I recently designed the fresh new logo for The Ferry Landing Store in the Coromandel of NZ. I guess this was fairly close to me, in 1953 Milly and Tilly established The Ferry Landing Store, in 2016 after a few hands changed my sister Laura and cousin Paula joined hands and moved in. The Mercury bay holds a special place in my heart, as a family every summer we would take the mission where as the youngest child I would bear the mental and physical pain of being cursed with car sicknesses, but at the end awaited a little paradise my Poppa and Nana Town owned since 1960. A Kiwi batch where my Poppa even built a shed, and in that shed he kept the launch he built and sailed. On my other side of the family which is Paula’s, my Poppa Farm had a lady tattoo on his forearm which almost posed as this romantic mermaid to me, an image I was obsessed with as a child, one of old technique, he told me the needle hits the skin “dot, dot, dot,” then after the wound is rubbed over with ink. My sister is in-love with Mermaids, this was a match made in heaven. From here the art direction was clear and through all this a renaissance of the imagery made me pay homage to Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. Not only does this obtain my name but also the most intriguing hand composition of all time. When it came to colour and tone a paint swatch was referenced – Dauntless, the name itself showing fearlessness and determination and also showed a representation of the strength and deep colour from the ocean and surrounding area of Ferry Landing, and the cherry was the mono green colour of my Poppa Farm’s tattoo. The anchor I remember cast on Buffalo Beach in concrete above the dunes, typefaces and other elements followed suit of the oldest wharf in New Zealand.

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