So a couple months ago I went back to NZ and stayed with my sister, she has an inner city warehouse apartment in Auckland with lots space where I could get creative and let loose. It had been 5 years since I had the brush in my hand and had hit the canvas, so with a week of  freedom to do what ever I started a series of three paintings. It was a really nice time catching up with Laura and her three flat mates Katrina, Levi and his dog Remington. Levi is a really talented artist  among other things like skate boarding (funny because I used to look up to this guy as a little skatie punk, so to pick his brain is a privilege). It was really rad chilling in there company and getting inspired again to do the thing I really love most, which is painting. So Levi and I each day would hang out and work along side each other and have chats about various things whilst listening to music such as Nigerian psychedelic funk. Levi is also working on a new series of works which I really look forward to seeing finished. Anyway this was one of the canvas and where I left off, which is still a ‘work in progress’. I miss that week.

Until we meet again, Peace.

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