This was a collaboration I did with friend and fellow artist Mark Rutledge back at art school in 2001. I found this old board which had been pre painted with various random colour  in an abstract form, in fact it didn’t even seem like a piece of work and resembled itself as an off cut. At the time I was experimenting with a more linear figurative style with a combination mediums like pastel, pencil and paint. At the time I didn’t even know who Jeff Buckley was, I just picked up this Rolling Stone mag lying around the studio and saw this really cool image of a guitarist that looked so nostalgic and convincing. The pose seemed more romantic than electric so I began to paint him over this board, which is the front figure. The collaboration with Mark happened without my knowledge, after  leaving this lying around my space Mark got his hands on it, liked what he saw as he was familiar with Jeff’s music, and added the second sketch figure,  and other back ground textures.

After this I listened to Jeff Buckley’s music and really enjoyed it and still do, it was a random introduction to his sound which I will always have an association with.

So this really was a 3 way random process of unknowingly mystery, and this was the result. I ended up gifting this to my brother Shaun as he plays the guitar.

Jeff, 2001
By Adam Barton, Mark Rutledge and Unknown Artist
Mixed Media on Hard Board

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