I was contacted a little while ago by Raylene from 1Skin Solution in Sydney to think about conceptualizing and designing the packaging for a brand new range of tinted and flavoured lip butters, as there had been a growing demand from her customers so a plan was put in place.

I had a think about things for a little while as I knew that  being small space was limited and it was all about the colour and the flavour, so I new it had be be kept very simple but effective. Firstly the important decision was made to go with the clear tube, this was so the colour of the balm could be seen by the consumer through the lid. I then thought that a simplictic icon for each would be the best way to communicate the flavour, with this then placed upon white space would give a cleaner effect  allowing the colour and graphic to bounce a little, creating a stronger impact. The product was launched this week and the response has exceeded expectations, already selling and receiving  rave reviews from bloggers about both the product and the presentation.

If you are a fan of tinted lip balms you can buy these direct from the site at www.1skinsolutions.com, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


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