This week on the 22nd was the Birthday of Tyler who is a long time great friend, he turned the big 30. And whilst I was on the Jimi buzz (recently doing Hendrix for my bro Shaun’s Birthday) I thought it would be rude to do one and not the other, so I decided to do Morrison and it just so happened to coincide with Tyler’s big day. More than myself, Tyler was always a big fan growing up as a teenager of Jim Morrison’s poetry and The Doors, I always remember hanging out at his place doing a bit of this and a bit of that, listening to the albums, watching various doco’s and also the motion picture by Oliver Stone with Val Kilmer. This portrait was based on was the famous photo by Joel Brodsky known as ‘The Young Lion’ series which featured on several album sleeves. Tyler is back in New Zealand so unfortunately I wasn’t around to celebrate with him, so I hope this picture makes up for it.

Peace & Love x

Strange Days

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  1. Justin

    You are a f*ing genius my friend..

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