Today is my big Brother Shaun’s Birthday Day. And to celebrate it I have been working on this painting over the last couple of days as a gift for him. Shaun to me is a great guitarist and Jimi Hendrix like to most young guitarists was an inspiration for us growing up so I thought it was fit to do this portrait of him as a tribute. Little Wing is a song of Jimi Hendrix and I always remember Shaun playing it, such a beautiful piece of music and now when I hear this song it reminds me of Shaun sitting there at Mum and Dad’s picking it on his acoustic. Although I gifted this to Shaun over Facebook today as a digital piece I plan to get a large scale print done to send to him, Shaun now lives in Brussels (Belgium) and I in Melbourne (Australia) so unfortunately I won’t be able to celebrate this day with him. This was created off the photo taken by Richard Peters.

Peace & Love x

Little Wing

This is the first piece of art for a project I have started which is a series of portraits of the people that I have found inspiring, or that have influenced me in some way, or that I have simply been interested in from one time to another. Although this first in the series is of a dead rock-star (yes I know that can be cheesy/cliche but there will be a couple more) the series will be focused on a broad range of people from different environments and will be both dead and alive. So please stay tuned for more.

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