Here is a number of pen illustrations of have done over the years in my sketch book or on random pieces of paper. I like to carry around a small sketch pad which fits in my man-purse, along with simple mediums, such and a limited number of water colour pencils which can be easily blended, twink (or ‘White Out’ for the Aussies) to create the high lights, this doesn’t only dry quick but also creates a textured paint¬†like surface. I developed this style a while back during my study of the great Austrian painter Egon Schiele. I really liked the way he uses linear qualities with a washed out pastel colour effect. I was also moving a way from realism which was getting boring and felt we have photos for that, so I was working towards a more characterized figurative style. Exploring the technique of which the pen would leave the page a limited amount of time was a nice quick method allowing me to draw more freely with ease, this made the process more natural without any contrived effort or over thinking. I could just do anything and focus on how attributes would be formed with simple intertwined shapes, and then after sometimes I would apply the colour.

All these scans are in there natural form, but some of these were reworked in photoshop for various projects. One which you can view here is the lyric book for, and another is some fashion prints here. I have also used the first piece as a profile picture on my social network pages is the past, this also was in my first blog post for this site.





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