This triptych is a series of works I created back in 2003 during art school. I was interested in figurative work like always but was getting over having to put a lot of time and effort into a piece. I liked the way graffiti art was so quick and effortless, so I started to experiment with basic and simplistic graffiti techniques, such as line drawings made by paint pens, quick tag style and stenciled typography, geometric shapes, all layered upon a dirty textured style of painting which replicated the surface we see on a street walls. I was also interested and intrigued by the current issues within society at the time, witnessing an epidemic era of the breakdown of counter culture in New Zealand, constantly seeing and reading social decay, over indulgence and self destructive behavior… oh and samurai swordsman, wrapped in tin-foil, completely or partially severing the hands or arms off women, thinking they have bugs under their skin.

The Degenerates
1200 x 900, Acrylic, Paint Pens, and Chewing Gum on Mounted Board.

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